Twilio (TWLO)

What does Twilio do? Something dubbed “cloud communications.” It’s like cloud computing, but it involves connecting things like business telephones, cell phones and text messages and enabling people to use them more efficiently than even before.

Twilio logoWhen you use your smartphone to call an Uber, Twilio does the magic that enables the driver to contact you from his phone.

When you use Facebook’s messaging app, WhatsApp, Facebook uses Twilio to verify your identity.

Home Depot and Nordstrom are big customers.

And we use it at Cabot too, to manage deployment of our 800 numbers.

How does it work? Twilio uses Amazon Web Services to host telephony infrastructure and provide connectivity between HTTP and public switched network.

And the coolest thing is that the applications for Twilio appear to be enormous, as developers can write programs for any purpose they can think of.

But the coolest thing at the moment is that I recommended it to my readers less than seven weeks ago and today they’re looking at profits of over 35%. It’s a good start!

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