The Long Trend

by Timothy Lutts

Investing wisdom has taught me that trends tend to last longer and go further than people expect. Extrapolating to the entire world, it’s easy (for me) to conclude that the long march of progress on earth has a very long way to go.the long trend on Earth

Neither Genghis Khan nor Joseph Stalin nor Adolph Hitler nor Mao Tse Tung nor Nicolae Ceausescu nor Idi Amin nor Pol Pot have been able to stop the long trend.

No political movement, no matter how misguided, has been able to stop the trend.

No religious movement, no matter how irrational (remember the Shakers?), has been able to stop the trend.

No disease, no matter how devastating, has been able to stop the trend.

Not even a huge asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs could stop the long trend—though it certainly put a kink in it.

In short, I’m very confident that we can expect continued progress on Earth, and eventually beyond it as well.

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