Polo at Myopia

Thanks to the generosity of sponsor Wilmington Trust, we recently enjoyed a polo match at Myopia Hunt Club in Hamilton. The match was Harvard University vs. Oxford University (I assume if you bring your own horse, you’re allowed on the team) and the winner was Oxford, 3-1.

myopiaBut the real fun, aside from the food and drinks supplied by the sponsor, was simply taking in the spectacle, from well-dressed and well-behaved fans, to the beautiful horses.

And a surprise addition was the exhibition of the hounds, well trained to follow the commands of the master in the red coat, whether he was mounted or on foot.

No, hounds aren’t used in polo, but both polo and fox-hunting involve horses (and fox-hunting no longer involves a fox!), so the local gentry saw the value of a little cross-promotion.

The pictures give a taste of the experience, but it’s open to anyone, Sundays at 3:00 as long as the season lasts.

Myopia Hunt Club, Hamilton, MA

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