Parochial Boston

Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States, with many notable achievements, including the first public school, the first subway and the first public park.

It took vision and courage to do these things first.

But those achievements were long ago; today Boston is acting like an old man on a park bench who won’t get up and move along. Boston MapBoston turned down a chance to bid for the 2024 Olympic Games.

Boston’s leading politicians are working hard to thwart the public’s demand for legal marijuana, claiming that it’s a gateway drug to heroin and that legalization would increase the use of marijuana by minors.

And Boston’s politicians are working on legislation to protect the established taxicab industry, by barring Uber and Lyft drivers from the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. While other cities, like Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago, have welcomed Uber and Lyft to their airports, those companies are still not welcome at Boston’s Logan Airport, and extending the ban to the convention center would be a clear sign that Boston is going backwards!

Yes, Boston is still a great city, but it’s resting on its laurels. It no longer has the vision and courage to run with the leaders.

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