GeoGuessr, My Current Favorite Time-Waster

by Timothy Lutts

geoguessr_thumbThe Internet is full of time-wasters, many of which have absolutely no redeeming value. Then there’s GeoGuessr, my current favorite, which plunks you in a Google Street View somewhere on earth and asks you to guess where you are.

The cool thing is that you can “drive” around as much as you want by clicking, trying to find clues like street signs and store signs.

The type of cars you see can be useful; Americans like pickup trucks. And the clothes people wear can help, as can the style of the buildings, the vegetation, and even the color of the dirt.

If cars are driving on the left side of the road, that narrows it down to the U.K. and former colonies.

But beware of confusing the long straight roads that run across the red dirt plains of Texas and Australia!

When I started, I used Google in a separate window to investigate my findings. Now I believe that’s cheating, and I make my guesses based only on what I already know.

Playing this “pure” way, my top score is 24,112, which included two direct hits.

Good luck!

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