Favorite Websites

by Timothy Lutts

Every day that I sit down at my computer, I open a “suite” of web pages, to see what’s new in areas that I care about.  Some of these are major media sites, like Huffington Post and Drudge Report, which I rely on to give me biased views of world and American news. And some are more narrowly focused on the business and investing world that is my regular “beat.”

But there are two favorite websites, blogs really, that are created by friends of mine that fit neither category. They are labors of love, on topics their creators love, and they are notable not just for the fact that they are very good, and enlightening, but also for the fact that their creators soldier on, day after day, week after week. I’ve only been at this a few months, and am already having trouble finding the time—and ideas—to fill this space.

I’m pleased to recommend both of them here.

america-of-salem-old-time-shipsDonna Seger is a Salem friend who blogs about Salem and related topics at http://streetsofsalem.com/, primarily from a historical perspective. Donna is a history teacher at Salem State University, and I’m constantly amazed at the images she digs up. She’s been running this blog for well over two years and is still going strong.

Seth Kadish is an environmental scientist currently working in Portland, Oregon who loves to make and present charts and graphs at http://vizual-statistix.tumblr.com/  Seth’s degree is in planetary geology, but he’ll graph anything, if he can get enough data. He’s been blogging since January, and the variety of his graphs is astounding. Here’s one.

vegetables consumed

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