The Curious Alphabet

A few months ago, my wife launched the world’s first digital artist book.

What’s an artist book?

An artist book is not a book about artists. Instead, it’s art that is book-like in some way. For example, it may have a narrative, or have elements that function as pages. You can see one-of-a-kind examples of these on her web site. Some of them are kind of expensive.

Julie Shaw Lutts

Her digital artist book, though, was designed for mass consumption, and the price is very reasonable. In fact, it’s free! All you need to do is go to the Apple Store, and download the free app.

Titled The Curious Alphabet, it consists of 26 short, stop-motion animation videos—one for each letter of the alphabet.

It’s guaranteed to make you smile, whether you’re 5 or 95—but kids in particular love it.

It works on an iPhone but it’s best on an iPad, because of all the detail.

Here’s a still from the letter A.

Letter-A-Julie-LuttsAnd here’s a link to the free download, at the Apple Store: The Curious Alphabet

Just note, it’s a relatively large app, so it takes time to download—you’ll want to be on a WiFi network. But it’s worth it.

FYI, my favorite letters are K (for the mild violence) and Y (for the animal).

To date, The Curious Alphabet has been downloaded by people in 34 countries, including Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Nepal and the United Arab Emirates. But she wants more people to enjoy it!

So download it. Share it. And please rate the app. You’ll make my wife very happy!

“The artist brings something into the world that didn’t exist before and he does it without destroying something else.”

-John Updike-

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