Boston’s Swan Boats

One of the best ways to spend $3.50 in Boston is to take a ride on the Swan Boats, which have been plying the waters of the lagoon in the Public Garden since 1877.

I did recently, and here are some pictures.

Boston Swan BoatsThe Swan Boats were a revolutionary development back in 1877, marrying the romance of small-craft boating with the excitement of the bicycle. Basically, a Swan Boat consists of two pontoons spanned by benches and driven by an underwater propulsion system that is powered by a healthy pedaller who sits in the body of a swan.

Swan BoatsThe whole arrangement is quite silent; the main sounds are the comments of the passengers, who marvel at the behavior of the ducks and other fauna and flora. The whole trip takes 12-15 minutes and is totally worth it, especially if you can enjoy it on a beautiful spring day.

Swan BoatsInterestingly, the Swan Boats are still operated by the Paget family, whose ancestor Robert Paget built and operated the first Swan Boat way back in 1877. Over the years they’ve become an iconic Boston attraction. If you visit, don’t miss them!

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