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Founded in 1970, Cabot has grown into a premier publisher of independent investment advice delivered via proven newsletters.

TSLA Stock

Though I work very hard to avoid falling in love with stocks, I will confess that Tesla (TSLA) is my favorite stock.

My Warning on Apple

Back in 2012 I wrote, "You don’t need to own AAPL to be a successful investor; there are better risk/reward relationships.

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In Defense of Air Travel

The New York Times recently ran a large story, complete with photographs, by a woman who criss-crossed the U.S. on airplanes four times over eight days, taking 12 flights on four different airlines—and then wrote about the experience. You can read it here.


Predictably, she wrote about how the experience was dehumanizing, tiring, crowded, etc.—things we’ve all heard before. But that, of course, was exactly her reason for taking 12 flights in eight days. She had no other purpose in taking these flights than getting material for the story. And then, having achieved her goal, she complained about it!

Now, I recognize that one reason people love to complain about air travel is that misery loves company, so complaining strengthens social bonds.

But I think that everyone who complains about the poor food, the tight legroom, the crowds, etc. should first do an honest self-appraisal. When they bought their seats, what factors did they consider?

Chances are, they considered two factors above all—schedule and cost. And then they chose the cheapest flights that would get them where they wanted to go when they wanted to go. And thus they ended up surrounded by hordes of other people who did exactly the same thing.

Factors these fliers could have considered are the airline’s safety record, on-time record, food quality, lost baggage record and seat width and pitch, but to most people, price is the number factor.

And the airlines know this! They don’t squeeze us into tight spaces because they’re cruel and insensitive. They do it because they’re trying to give customers what we prize above everything else. And what we want is to get where we’re going, for the lowest possible cost.

Contrary Opinion


“You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

-Zig Ziglar

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